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Astro 230CI 3-Speed Armstrong Circulator

Astro 250CI  3-Speed Armstrong Circulator

Astro-280CI 3-Speed Armstrong Circulator

The Armstrong Astro 2 circulators are designed for quiet operation and zero maintenance. In combination with cast iron volutes the Astro 2 line is intended to circulate water or ethylene-glycol solutions in closed hydronic or solar heating systems. The Astro 2 line is available in three volute materials for residential, small industrial, and commercial applications.

Applications: Residential heating or cooling, potable water, water conservation.

Materials: Cast iron, lead-free bronze, or stainless-steel volutes

Performance range: 0 to 64 US gpm flow; 0 to 42 ft head

Temperature: Max ambient temp 40°C; max fluid temp 110°C

Size: ½” – ¾” sweat, 1¼” union, or standard 2 bolt flange


230Cl – 97 W

250Cl – 117 W

280Cl – 218 W


Circulators – 30 months from date of manufacture. • All other products – 12 months from installation, but not more than 18 months from date of shipping.
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