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    Alderon Oil Alert

    Alderon Oil Alert

    The Oil Alert ™ – Water Discharge/Oil Containment system is used in elevator sump pits to remove water while retaining oil and other hydrocarbons.

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    sump alarm

    Versa’larm Sump Alarm

    The Oil Alert is designed to pump water out of elevator sump pits, transformer vaults and leachate wells while containing the oil or hydrocarbons in the pumping tank.

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    water spotter sensor

    WaterSpotter Flood Sensor- 15′ Cable 7008

    Thin Film Water Detection
    Less than 1/16 inch, for early
    warning before damage occurs
    Solid State Circuitry
    No moving parts,
    no maintenance
    Epoxy-Encapsulated Circuit
    Waterproof-tamperprooftrouble free
    Stainless Steel Probes
    Resist rust and corrosion
    Easy Mount Enclosure
    Mounts on flat surfaces

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